The Best Trader Joe's Candles That'll Fill Your Home With Fresh, Delicious, and Inviting Scents

We're pretty firm in our stance that basically everything is better at Trader Joe's. From their creamy cookie butter to their cauliflower gnocchi, if you ever can't find us, we're probably browsing the aisles for more goodies. But aside from food, we're just as obsessed with Trader Joe's selection of home goods, including their candles. With scents like warm-yet-citrusy Lemon Cookie and comforting Gingerbread that's perfect for Christmastime, Trader Joe's has a natural soy wax candle you'll want to light up every day. Ahead, find our favorite Trader Joe's candles to try for yourself (just be sure to also pick up some Everything But The Bagel Seasoned Nuts while you're there)!

Honeycrisp Apple

If you're not really a fan of pumpkin spice but still want your house to give off cozy vibes, the Honeycrisp Apple candle is for you. A scent that works throughout the year but especially throughout the holidays, this candle will make your home smell like a fresh orchard. Mixed with a hint of pear blossom, it manages to be comforting and crisp all at once.

Vanilla Pumpkin

If you are in fact into all the warm, spiced, and rich notes that pumpkin brings, Trader Joe's Vanilla Pumpkin candle is right up your alley. You'll reach optimum holiday coziness with this scent, blending vanilla and pumpkin with cinnamon, cloves, and sweet caramel.

Cedar Balsam

Cedar Balsam is a limited edition candle scent that people specifically buy in bulk, and we can see why. A smell that's meant to replicate "a walk through the woods," this candle gives off notes of cedar and balsam fir trees. Almost reminiscent of Christmas trees, this candle is both refreshing and holiday-ready. Pro tip: get the body butter, too!

Peony Blossom

Another sought-after limited edition candle is the Peony Blossom, which gives off the scent of a field of blossoming peonies, and is one of the best spring and summer candles. The natural soy wax blend is great for such a delicate scent, too. This is the perfect gift for the romantic at heart.

Lemon Cookie

Reminiscent of fresh citrus while bringing forward sugary-sweet notes too, the Lemon Cookie candle stays true to its namesake. Caramelized sugar and vanilla round out this scent that's truly almost good enough to eat. This one is perfect for when you want your house to smell like you've just baked something amazing.

Mango Tangerine

A candle many compare to Anthropologie's classic Capri Blue Volcano Candle, Trader Joe's Mango Tangerine scent will transport you to a tropical paradise. Blending citrus and sweet mango, it's perfect for summer, or when you want to imagine you're in a warmer place during the winter months.


There's nothing in the world that's cozier or more Christmas-ready than gingerbread, and this candle proves it. The definitive holiday scent, this candle will turn your home into a festive Yuletide wonderland. Spicy ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon round out the scent with caramel — just like the traditional cookie.


If refreshing and citrus-oriented is more your game, you'll want to buy Trader Joe's Grapefruit candle in bulk. Natural coconut-soy wax allows the soft grapefruit scent to shine, making for a bright, juicy smell that will make your home feel cleaner and fresher than ever.

Summer Candle Trio

Why have one amazing candle when you can have three?! Trader Joe's Summer Candle Trio is a limited edition that appears in the warmer months, bringing together the scents of Strawberry Basil, Watermelon Mint, and Pineapple Cilantro. Fruit-forward with a fresh, green twist, these candles veer away from being overly sweet, and are refreshing on balmy summer nights.

Winter Candle Trio

The winter variety of Trader Joe's candle trio pack, these scents are a surefire fave for everyone on your list, or as a gift for yourself too. Bringing together Cranberry Pine, Fresh Currant, and Nutmeg, this trio is cozier than its summer variety, with woodsy, spicy notes throughout.