Trader Joe's Mini Grinch-Inspired Christmas Trees Grow Up to 30 Feet Tall

If you're searching for a holiday gift for the Grinch in your life, look no further than Trader Joe's Grump Cypress Christmas Trees. Similar to the Grinch's slouch (brought on by his hatred for the holidays), this mini Christmas tree is slumped over to one side by the weight of the festive red ribbon wrapped around it and the sparkly Christmas ornament dangling from its tip.

The Grump Tree — available for $9-$10, depending on your location — is a lemon cypress tree native to California and will keep its conical shape until it's about 30 feet tall. If you don't want your Grump Tree to lean to one side, or if you're looking to personalize the tiny tree for the holidays, you can always remove the weighted bauble and replace it with your own festive decorations. Over the years, people have strung the miniature tree with lights, added custom ribbons and ornaments, and even given the trees their own personal spots on the fireplace next to real tabletop Christmas trees.

Plus, setting up the tree on your coffee table or near your TV set adds to the holiday atmosphere when you're having a Grinch movie marathon or watching all of your favorite holiday films. Once winter is over, you can remove the seasonal decor and plant the tree in your garden during early spring or early fall to keep the Christmas memories going. Even the Grinch has to agree that's a pretty sweet holiday gift.

Take a closer look at the adorable Christmas trees ahead, and check out more holiday decor options here.