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26 Blanket Storage Ideas

26 Storage Solutions For Bulky Blankets

26 Blanket Storage Ideas
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Figuring out how to effectively, and even stylishly, store blankets is kind of like folding a fitted sheet. It's a necessity, but it's a skill plenty of adults can't recall learning. We're constantly using blankets for warmth or to cozy up; there are throw blankets, wool blankets, and weighted blankets. But with so many varying materials, sizes, styles, and weights, organizing blankets can prove to be a tricky task. "With so many types of wonderful blankets to collect, you may find yourself running out of creative storage ideas," Marty Basher, organization professional with Modular Closets, tells POPSUGAR.

Blanket storage ideas might be hard to figure out if you're overwhelmed by different types of blankets, and a handful of challenges can easily get in the way. Heavy, large comforters might not fit on a normal shelf. Limited closet space and small room restrictions also pose a challenge while trying to tuck away blankets. Not to mention, storing blankets in an aesthetically pleasing spot — while making them easily accessible — can also be difficult. That's why we've curated helpful blanket organizer products, blanket storage solutions, and expert advice — thanks to a few professional organizers and interior designers — to make storing blankets an effortless task.

How to Store Wool Blankets

There are few things cozier (or warmer) than a wool blanket on a chilly night. Unlike a fleece throw blanket or a handmade quilt, wool material can be susceptible to pests — especially moths and beetles. Keep wool blankets protected from unwanted invaders by storing them in a resealable plastic storage bag or a large plastic container. Either one will keep wool blankets safe and confined. "Wool blankets are a little more pretentious than other synthetic blankets," Maegan Bucur, editor in chief of Rhythm of the Home and project designer, tells POPSUGAR. "It is best to completely dry wool blankets before storing them." Aside from plastic containers, Bucur finds wicker baskets to be a smart storage solution for wool blankets. "Since they can be quite bulky, we recommend dedicated wicker baskets," Bucur suggests. "Wicker is a great material for wool blankets because it keeps them dry and well-aired."

How to Store Down Blankets

Down blankets provide all the luxury of a fluffy, crisp, five-star-hotel duvet, but they're not the easiest to store away. "These bulkier items can take up space and can also collect dust," Lisa Galano, principal of Lisa Galano Design Consultancy, tells POPSUGAR. Galano suggests a foolproof method for stashing away down blankets while keeping them clean and sanitized. "I find it's very important to protect your heavier blankets and down comforters when not in heavy rotation by first laundering them appropriately, then storing them in an airtight, recyclable container or bag with a zipper or a tight seal." Keep down blankets smelling extra fresh by throwing in a common household laundry staple. "I also like to throw in a Meyer's dryer sheet or two when storing linens to keep them smelling fresh."

How to Store Throw Blankets

Throw blankets make for an easy accent in a living room or bedroom — plus, they're smaller and more manageable than other blankets, making them a little easier to keep contained. "An average living room will usually have up to two throw blankets, so my go-to in this instance is to fold them neatly over the arm or back of the sofa," Galano tells POPSUGAR. "Some people like to put it across the chaise of a sectional." The design expert's reasoning is simple. "Keeping throw blankets out for easy access is functional, and it's also a nice styling accent."

Of course, throw blankets can also be folded and placed into a large basket or trunk. Or you can repurpose a magazine rack to keep them contained. "There are so many eclectic magazine racks on the market today, whether new or vintage; why not grab one to store rolled throws?" Basher says. "Grab a magazine rack in classy rattan or mod art deco, and carefully roll two to three blankets, positioning them upright inside. They are affordable to purchase, take up little space, and add a cool aesthetic to your blanket storage."

Small-Space Blanket Storage Ideas

A lack of space can make storing anything tricky, but especially bulky blankets. One home expert encourages us to make use of every available, unused section a space has to offer. "The secret to storing blankets when low on space is utilizing dead spaces next to the ceiling," Stefan Bucur, founder and owner of Rhythm of the Home, tells POPSUGAR. "Install floating shelves, ones that ideally come with built-in hangers, on the walls close to the ceiling to increase the storing capacity of the room tenfold." Though if the place you live contains a great level of humidity, Stefan warns against storing wool or cotton blankets close to the ceiling.

Blanket Storage Basket

"I like to store blankets in places that are easy to access, have a dual purpose, or act as hidden storage," Beth Diana Smith, HomeGoods style expert and interior designer, tells POPSUGAR. In addition to storage trunks, Smith finds baskets to be particularly helpful. "I love using trunks and oversized lidded wicker or seagrass baskets," Smith says. "Baskets are great for hidden storage and can be beautiful decor pieces!"

Blanket Storage Coffee Table

Functional furniture is having a moment right now. Blanket storage coffee tables are no exception, and they offer an easy solution for blanket storage in common areas, such as a living room. Get rid of an overwhelming pile of blankets by folding them neatly and storing in a blanket storage coffee table. Typically, a blanket storage coffee table will have a deep, built-in sliding drawer or a tabletop that lifts up into an empty compartment as a convenient storage hiding place.

Blanket Ladders

Ladders and ladder shelving are huge right now. Whether they're in a bathroom, living room, bedroom, or den, these decorative items are a great way to store — and show off — lighter-weight blankets. "Never underestimate the hardworking blanket ladder," Basher tells POPSUGAR. "A blanket ladder can hold several blankets at one time, making it space-saving, functional, and also has decorative appeal. Today, you can find a blanket ladder for every type of home decor, from rustic wood to stylish industrial piping."

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