21 Cleaning-Schedule Templates Perfect For Roommates

Whether you've been best friends since the fourth grade or you just met each other a few weeks ago, it can be a bit uncomfortable and awkward to ask your roommate to clean up after themselves. You don't want to come off rude, but you also don't want to eat dinner off a dirty plate. Between school, work, gym classes, and social outings, it can be difficult to find time for all roommates to tackle the mess at the same time. So while a cleaning chart hanging on the refrigerator might seem childish, it could actually be the trick to a clean and tidy (and peaceful) living space. We've rounded up 21 cleaning-schedule templates that will ease any nerves about talking to your roommate about tidying up and help leave your home sparkling clean!

While this chart isn't split by how many roommates you live with, this template works best for those with crazy schedules! Take turns with your roommates on who is assigned which day of the week so you know ahead of time what cleaning needs to be done.

Instead of using checkmarks, signal a chore is done by writing your initial in the box so it's clear who has done what cleaning that week.

Assign individual cleaning duties beforehand, and create a chore chart for each roommate in the house.

Every home is different. Try replacing the cleaning tasks above with what relates to your home. Maybe you have to groom a pet or sweep the front porch?

Hanging clipboards that require an action like this one can help keep you and your roommates accountable for what needs to be tidied up.

Try taking cleaning tasks from this chart and making individual cleaning schedules. Sometimes it helps seeing a list of what needs to get done first!

Assign each roommate a color, and write their cleaning task in that color to specify what they're in charge of for that week.

Fill in one column with your roommate's names and the other with cleaning tasks. When it's completed, add a checkmark.

Sometimes it's easier to do a little cleaning each day instead of saving it all for Sunday. Assign small tasks to each roommate every day so your home stays clean.

For those cleaning tighter or smaller spaces, creating a cleaning schedule for the month might be more ideal. In that case, assign tasks by week so everyone gets a fair turn.