35 Colorful Bathrooms That Will Instantly Boost Your Mood

I don't know what it is about bright backsplash, themed shower curtains, or vintage tile patterns, but looking at colorful bathrooms really gets me in the mood to run to the nearest hardware store and start remodeling. I've spent countless trips to various stores finding small trinkets and additions to make the bathroom just a little more colorful, because when impromptu singing concerts, your best ideas, and tons of relaxation time happen in the water closet, why not turn yours into a personal oasis? Here are 35 ideas to get you started on our own colorful bathroom.

Peace and Love

Tropical Paradise

Rock n' Toilet Paper Roll


Ocean Breeze

An Orange Dream

Sunflower Sunshine

Bold Carpets

Rainbow Room

Bold Prints

A Red Bath

Fish Scale Wall

A Tie Dye Dream

Honest Abe

Butterfly Touches

Polka Dots

Mosaic Mystery

Royal Blue

Pastel Princess

Tile Work

Beautiful Blues

Retro Style

Colorful Splashes

Show Your Stripes

Floor Pattern


Fuzzy Rugs

Rainbow Tiles

Jungle Vibes

Strawberry Shortcake