We Can't Get Over How Cute This DIY Mini Winter Hat Garland Is — Here's How to Make It

Homemade Christmas decorations and ornaments are the best, including the glittery holiday blobs you probably made in preschool (just me? OK, that's fine). Adding to a beautiful tree and decorated fireplace, the personalized touches from a DIY project make a house feel even more like home — all cozy and full of love. That's why we're so excited about making this DIY mini winter hat garland by TikTok user @sarahliw.

For the garland, you'll need scissors and four materials (all recyclable items): one empty gift wrap roll, a small notebook, yarn, and one cotton ball per hat. When picking a yarn color, pick the shade you want your hat to be. This TikTok uses a cream-colored yarn to make a nice neutral-colored hat.

To create the hat, first grab the empty gift wrap roll and cut off a thin slice. The slice in the TikTok appears to be around half an inch. Each slice makes one hat, so cut the amount you'd like.

Next, wrap your yarn all the way around the small notebook, then cut the yarn where the pages show on the right. The cut yarn appears to be around five inches, but it's OK if your yarn is a little longer or shorter. After, tie knots around a slice of the roll with the yarn you just cut. Tie the knot by making an "n" shape with the yarn and pulling the bottom pieces around the roll and through the curved top. Repeat this step until you've covered the entire roll slice in knots. When you've finished this step, the product should look like a skirt.

Fourth, push the yarn inward, back through the roll. Then, fill the hole with a cotton ball. The cotton ball shouldn't stick out much, if at all, at the top of the hole. After, take a cut piece of yarn and tie it around the yarn strings. Last, trim the excess of the yarn hanging below, forming a ball. The remaining yarn above your cut will be the top of the pom-style winter hat.

And then you're done! You now have a cute winter hat to use as an ornament, or you can make more to create a garland of hats.