Everyone on My List Is Getting a Personalized Gift From Me This Holiday Season

I consider myself an excellent gift giver. Finding the perfect gift for my family members and friends brings me so much joy, and I almost like shopping for other people more than I like shopping for myself. Actually, during the holidays, I do enjoy finding gifts for others more than I do finding things I want. This year I've had a lot of free time to think about the perfect gifts for everyone on my list, which means everyone's getting a more personal gift than ever.

In fact, not only is everyone getting a more personal gift this year, but all the free time I've had at home means I've gotten a little more crafty. After hours on social media, scrolling through pictures and videos of people tapping into their creative skills, it only made sense that I did the same. I ordered craft supplies from everywhere I could find them, even roping my mom into doing some of the crafting that was beyond my skill set (and by that I mean knitting, because I definitely can't do it).

Sure, a gift off the rack is fine, but a gift off the rack with a personal twist is even better.

My crafting skills are elementary at best, but there's still something so special about homemade gifts, especially in a year when I've been so distant from my family. I've tried to come up with gift ideas that are both special and practical. As much as I'd love to just make random beaded bracelets for everyone (because that is smack in the middle of my skill set), I don't think my brothers would love those as much as my nieces would. So, I'm starting with making and sending cards, something that I've always I enjoyed. I was a hardcore scrapbooker back in my youth, and paper crafts have remained a favorite.

Cards are only one piece of the puzzle, though. To go along with them, I plan to think about what I might have purchased in a store for each of my friends and family members and then figure out a way to either make it at home, find it from a small business, or personalize the store-bought item. I don't want to give away too many of my secrets, but I might be putting my embroidery machine to use to literally personalize some shirts for my closest friends.

While I love shopping, I love having a gift for a friend that is more than just the price tag or brand name, which is why making personalized gifts is so special to me. This year, I haven't seen my friends or family at all because of health restrictions, so it feels more important than ever to convey my love through a gift. Sure, a gift off the rack is fine, but a gift off the rack with a personal twist is even better, and I can't wait to see how much my friends and family love their gifts this holiday season.