Easter Christmas Trees Are a Thing, and They're Here to Bring You Lots of Pastel-Colored Joy

Don't want to wait until Christmas to put up a festive tree again? Or maybe you have yet to take it down, no judgement. Either way, we have good news: Easter "Christmas" trees are very much a thing, and it's a trend we are so on board with. No matter if your tree of choice is a large one for your living room or a smaller one for your table, all you have to do is deck it out in your Easter and spring-themed decorations! Tons of people are sharing their own Easter trees on Instagram, and from the pastel-colored Easter eggs to the strategically-placed carrots, you really can't go wrong. And since celebrating Easter will be a bit different this year, this is the perfect thing to bring a little extra joy and brightness into your home or apartment. Keep reading to see some of the best Easter trees now — we'll let you hop to it!