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People Are Sharing Their Funny Work From Home Desks

People Are Sharing Their Unglamorous WFH Situations, and It's So Relatable

With coronavirus spreading across the world, many people who have the option to work from home are doing so rather than going into offices. In an effort to support social distancing, people are setting up shop in their homes, and to say some of us are getting a little creative with our "desks" would be putting it lightly. People everywhere have taken to social media to share their unique desk setups at home, and it includes everything from working inside a liquor cabinet to literally balancing a computer on a recycling bin. The general consensus among all of these people seems to be that they just really, really miss their standing desks during this whole work-from-home thing, but alas, we gotta stick with it for a little bit longer! For a much-needed laugh that'll make you say, "OK, same," keep reading.

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