These Half Christmas Trees Look Just as Good as the Real Thing but Take Up Way Less Space

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While it might be a while until you're stringing garlands and scouring your local HomeGoods for holiday goodies — though no judgment if you're already gearing up, since psychologists do confirm decorating earlier may make you happier — it can't hurt to get a head start on finding the right Christmas tree. Choosing the perfect tree for your home can be a difficult task after all, especially if you're dealing with a tight space. Luckily, stores like Target, Amazon, and Wayfair are selling half Christmas trees, which may be the answer to your decorating woes.

Half Christmas trees are smartly designed with flat backs to rest against a wall, so while you have a tree that takes up half the space a full one would, it actually looks full-size. Mini Christmas trees are also great space-savers, but with a half-sized version, you won't have to give up the look of a traditional tree. And you only have to decorate one side, meaning fewer decorations and minimal effort, which can be a huge plus if you're overwhelmed come holiday season. Whether you prefer an unadorned version to embellish yourself or an easy prelit kind, shop these cheery half Christmas trees below.