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These Haunted Mansion Halloween Decorations Are Scary Good

This House Gets the Haunted Mansion Treatment Every Halloween, and I Have Chills

Image Source: Chris Sardinas

Grim grinning ghosts, come out to socialize! For the last three years, Chris Sardinas has gone all out when transforming his entryway into a spot-on re-creation of Disney's Haunted Mansion for Halloween. Recently, his video of the themed decor went viral on Reddit, and for good reason — his efforts are truly impressive.

Chris told POPSUGAR that the first time he attempted this ambitious re-creation, he started planning in May. Nowadays, he has the construction "down to a science" and gets help setting up from his fiancée. They build false walls within the house and cover every feasible surface with decorations inspired by the iconic stations within the Disneyland ride, like the stretching portrait room, the graveyard, and the ghostly dining room.

"Why not draw inspiration from none other than the best?" he said. "The Haunted Mansion is so iconic and the illusions featured within the attraction are so recognizable that for a visitor, they can effortlessly make the connection, bringing back that spooky nostalgic feeling."

"Our typical Halloween decorations don't consist of 'standard' witches and skeleton cutouts," he continued. "We do our Halloween shopping at thrift stores and antique shops to find the decor that best suits the scene." Keep reading for an inside look into his on-point entryway — it's scary good.

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