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Hidden Dirty Places in the Home and How to Clean Them

Things You Didn't Know You Should Clean — and How to Clean Them

Image Source: Bed Bath & Beyond

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We all know the basics of cleaning: wipe down countertops, vacuum, disinfect the ol' toilet bowl . . . nothing too wild. But did you ever stop to empty your dryer vent? What about vacuuming behind your refrigerator — and for that matter, wiping down your vacuum itself? BTW, do you have any idea what's lurking in your drain? (Do you even want to know?)

Truth is, every home has places and things that most of us don't consider cleaning on the regular. But really, it doesn't take much time or effort to get it done, and you'll be so glad you did. You'll breathe easier knowing your space, not to mention its literal air, is fresher and cleaner. For the supplies you need to finish the job, look to Bed Bath & Beyond, and to find out what you've *probably* forgotten to clean, just keep scrolling.

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