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Home Porch Styling Ideas for Spring 2023

Highlight Your Home’s Porch With These 8 Eye-Catching Items

Image Source: Ashley

Whether your front porch is a full-sized suburban situation or a city stoop, decorating it can make guests feel welcome even before they ring your doorbell. A beautiful porch all starts with decluttering and cleaning (but then again, what home project doesn't?). Once you have a blank slate, think about the front porches that catch your eye. Do they have vintage-style lighting? A spot for sitting? Perhaps they have a splash of bright color that always makes you smile.

Whatever your ideal porch setup might be, adding curb appeal is as simple as giving some attention to everyday details such as mailboxes, door knockers, and even house numbers. To help you draw eyes to your own porch, we've identified a few simple upgrades that have a big impact on the overall look. Scroll down to see these game-changing details.

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