8 Brilliant Ways to Hang Stockings Without a Fireplace

Most of us can make do without having a fireplace for the majority of the year; you probably don't need one at all in the Summer, and in Winter, there are lots of alternatives for staying warm. Having a fireplace is somewhat of a luxury — that is until we come around to the holiday season and find ourselves without a mantle to hang our stockings on. But fear not! It's nothing that a bit of creativity can't solve! If you're missing a festive fireplace this year, try some of these great alternatives for hanging your stockings without missing out on all the holiday cheer.

A Stair Rail

Stair rails make great stocking hangers, without too much added much effort! Attach a hook (like one you'd find on a shower curtain) to each stocking, and hang them between the banisters. They make great staircase decorations, too!

A Single Hook
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A Single Hook

One of the easiest ways to hang your stockings without a mantle is to install a single hook. This allows you to hang as many or as few as you need, wherever you want, and in any arrangement you like.

A Stick or Branch
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A Stick or Branch

If you prefer something a little bit more rustic to go with your decor, find a sturdy branch or stick to hang your stockings from. But be sure to find a way to affix it to your wall, and make sure it's strong enough to hold the stockings when they're full of presents.

A Row of Hooks

A row of hooks creates a nice, uniform display of your stockings. You can still put it almost anywhere so your stockings are exactly where you want them to be!

Expandable Hooks

An expandable set of hooks adds a nice vintage touch to your decor, and it also allows you to get a bit more creative with your stocking hanging. Extend the hooks as much (or as little) as you want, then hang the stockings at different heights for some added dimension.

A Blank Wall

If you have a blank wall in your home — especially in your kitchen or in the living room — it's the perfect space to hang those stockings at Christmas. Simply hammer some nails into the wall where you want the stockings to go, and you've got a great, minimalist stocking display.

A Door Knob

Hanging stockings from door knobs is a pretty common tradition in many houses that don't have fireplaces and for good reason. They're a nice way to make sure your children have a sweet surprise waiting for them right outside their door on Christmas morning!

A Blanket Ladder

Do you have a blanket ladder in your living room where you organize and display all of your cozy throws in the Winter? Repurpose it into the perfect place to hang your stockings at Christmas!