Upcycle Old Vases and Thrifted Ceramics With This Easy DIY Chalk Paint Trick on TikTok

This past summer, Geneva Vanderzeil posted a TikTok showing how to make DIY ceramic chalk paint. This DIY art project is great because it upcycles old materials, requires few additional household items, and makes beautiful terracotta-look vases.

If you're like me, you now have more time to engage in small projects like this. Not long ago, I was in college, heavily involved in multiple organizations. I spent time with loved ones on the weekends, enjoyed time at museums, bowling alleys, movie theaters, lakes, and other places. I took a class on photography and self-portraits. I rarely had free time. But with social distancing continuing, and my role in clubs ending due to graduation, I've found myself with a lot of free time and a renewed interest in artistic endeavors.

However, graduation doesn't only mean some of us will have more free time — it also means some of us won't have much money. That's specifically why I'm so thankful to have come across Geneva's TikTok on how to make your own ceramic chalk paint and transform something cheap into a beautiful decor piece.

If you're also interested in this creative DIY craft project, check out the following three TikTok videos on how to make and use it.

How to DIY Ceramic Chalk Paint by @genevavanderzeil

In this TikTok, Geneva shows how to upcycle vases with DIY ceramic chalk paint. To do so, she adds a cup of paint with a teaspoon of baking soda and mixes it until the texture becomes fluffy. After, she paints the thrifted vases, lets them dry, then arranges flowers inside to make a cute decoration.

How to DIY Ceramic Chalk Paint by @blizzair

In this TikTok, Blair says she's trying out Geneva's DIY upcycling idea. After combining white and orange paint in a bowl, she mixes in a teaspoon of baking soda, adding more as needed. She then paints between two and three layers of the mixture onto the vases, letting them dry in between.

How to DIY Ceramic Chalk Paint by @reno.in.reno

In this TikTok, Mariah Oshaughnessy completes the same DIY, only she paints on glass vases and mixes equal parts baking soda and acrylic paint. She adds that letting each coat dry before painting a new one helps you avoid paint chipping.