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How to Organize Your Refrigerator With Bed Bath & Beyond

How to Have a Super-Organized Fridge

Image Source: Bed Bath & Beyond

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Surely you've seen the incredibly detailed, color-coded refrigerator interiors on TikTok and Instagram. And while those picture-perfect fridges may be a touch more aspirational than realistic, you don't need to be a full-time fridgefluencer to make your own setup a lot more organized. Sure, it'll look good — but organizing your fridge is one of those projects that pays off in the long run.

How so, you ask? Well, first of all, you won't spend five minutes rifling through shelves in search of the mustard. And on a more philosophical level, a tidy fridge makes it easier to see exactly what food you have, so you'll be more likely to eat it — and that can reduce food waste.

Start by cleaning out your shelves; get rid of any expired food, then give your fridge a deep clean. Next, create zones for different types of food. (Perhaps yogurt goes on the top shelf, left side. Juice might go in the fridge door. You get the idea.) And after you've done that, assess your fridge to see what kind of organizing tools you might need: bins, labels, containers, and so forth. From there, it's time to stock up on those fridge-organizing items, so you'll be set up for success.

Read on to see some of our favorites, and don't be surprised if you wind up #fridgefluencing in no time.

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