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Kitchen Organizing Essentials from Bed Bath & Beyond

What You Need to Organize Your Kitchen, Once and For All

Image Source: Bed Bath & Beyond

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A messy, disorganized kitchen feels stressful to cook in — as anyone who's rummaged through a cluttered countertop knows very well. But imagine the alternative! How pleasant would it be to open your junk drawer, and instead of a mess of rubber bands and random papers, you see those items sorted into neatly divided containers? Or think of how satisfying it would feel to tuck your bagels and bread out of sight, as opposed to leaving them on the countertop. And don't get us started on the true joy of looking into your pantry and finding exactly what you need right away. Can you even?!

Fortunately, living this dream is indeed possible. You probably know the cardinal rule of organizing: first, get rid of what you don't need. (Those plastic bags that need to be taken to the in-store recycling bin? Toss 'em in your trunk and drop them off.) Then, develop an organizing system that has a place for everything and an easy-to-accomplish method for maintaining the order you've created.

Need some inspiration? Ahead, check out 10 ways to get the clutter under control — along with Bed Bath & Beyond shopping suggestions to set you up for success.

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