Beware! This Bride of Frankenstein Bust Is the Perfect Addition to Your Halloween Decor

October is a month dedicated to hair-raising sensations, and as we slowly transition our homes into haunted houses to celebrate Halloween, we've come across a decoration that might spook your interest: a Bride of Frankenstein bust. Sold by Michaels, avid shoppers are posting this piece of decor to their Instagram feeds to honor the haunted holiday, and whew, are we unsettled. In the film Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein's wife's name is Elizabeth, and in this particular iteration her eyes light up red in the night (spooky!). The bust first appeared in a Michaels catalog for Halloween and didn't show up in stores until recently. While we're not sure how quickly this scary decoration is being snatched up, we hear she's selling for $40 if you find her! See all of the photos of this blood-curdling display ahead.