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Most Innovative Samsung Connected Home Appliance Products

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Source: Lowe's

We've partnered with Lowe's to help you upgrade your home with the top-notch products on Lowe's List for Innovation.

Just because you can cook all your meals on an outdated stove doesn't mean you should. When you're working with a fully functional kitchen, everything from making your grocery list to meal prepping becomes so much easier.

For top-of-the-line innovation, look no further than Samsung Connected Home Appliances. By allowing you to control everything from your range to your thermostat from your smartphone, Samsung has made it easier than ever to get dinner on the table. Their smart features have also earned these appliances a spot on Lowe's List for Innovation, a curated list of the most innovative products Lowe's has to offer. When you see the Lowe's List for Innovation badge, you're seeing an item that not only goes beyond expectations, but is one of the best in its category.

Every product in Samsung's smart appliance line — from the microwave you can control from your smartphone to the dishwasher you can monitor from an app — is ingenious. Two products in particular — the Family Hub™ fridge and smart range — are at the top of our list. Keep reading for a taste of how these innovative appliances can transform your cooking routine.