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How to Decorate For Happiness

6 Surprising Reasons Your Home Might Be Giving You Bad Vibes

How to Decorate For Happiness
Image Source: Studio McGee

By not unpacking all of your moving boxes, sorting through your knickknacks, and hanging your art on the wall, you're creating an undercurrent of anxious energy. When you don't unpack, you feel unsettled. It's the equivalent of keeping your coat on while at a party; you're sending the signal that you already have one foot out the door.

Fix: Unpack Everything
Don't wait. Tackle all those boxes. Unpack, hang up, go through everything. You already know the time management tool from Design Fix #1. Set your timer, put everything in a place (in your home, in your donation pile, or in the trash), and break down every box when everything is out of it. Put up personal photos. Just decorate your walls with your personal style, and you will be on the fast track to living happy in your home.

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