Charli XCX Has the Best Party House, Even Though She Says It's Definitely Haunted

In case you were wondering, Charli XCX's home is just as amazing as you would expect. When she's not busy making hit songs with stars like Troye Sivan and Lizzo, you can probably find her hosting parties at her "haunted" house in England, which she shares with three friends. Surrounded by greenery and full of whimsical decor, Charli's house is nothing short of enchanting.

How would the English pop star describe her decorating style? "A mess, and as if a party happened the day before." It's clear that Charli's laid-back style is inspired by her close group of friends — much of the house is decorated with art they make together, leftover party decorations, and lots of pictures of them hanging out. Keep reading for a look inside Charli's gorgeous party pad.

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And Now Let's Start the Tour!

And Now Let's Start the Tour!

The home is surrounded by trees and flowers.

This living room, which Charli calls the party zone, has a high ceiling and large windows that flood the room with natural light. Charli decorated the room with brightly colored furniture, plants, and paper chains along the walls.

An overhead shot of the living room shows a glimpse of a brick fireplace behind one of the couches.

The fireplace is decorated with pictures of Charli and her friends, hung with clothespins.

In the corner there's some art, including more paper chains, a dress form, and a multicolor cactus.

Her room is decorated with shiny streamers left behind after a party because why not?

The dresser and mirror are covered with more pictures with friends. There's also an old-fashioned phone, which Charli said was one of the first things she bought for the home.

Yes, even millionaire pop stars have a chair in the corner to throw clothes on.

The whimsical decor extends to the bathroom, where the walls are lined with bright blue tile, and there are collections of crystals and framed butterflies.

Next to one window, there's an adorable blue daybed with a built-in shelf and bookcase.

On one wall, Charli has even more paintings and pictures with friends, as well as a Snoop Dogg hundred dollar bill and a collection of Mariah Carey photos.

There's a dining room full of paintings, sculptures, and plants. Like in the living room, Charli mixed and matched furniture of different colors.

Next to the dining room, there's another living room, this one with a TV against an exposed brick wall.

The furniture in this living room is more muted and matches the walls.

The house includes a studio with several keyboards, guitars, and microphones.

Through a window lined with candles and flowers, you can see the beautiful greenery surrounding the house.

Outside, there's a furnished patio underneath plenty of trees to keep it shady.