14 Photos That Prove Sarah Jessica Parker's Real NYC Home Is Way Better Than Carrie's Apartment

Have you ever wondered where the real Carrie Bradshaw, aka Sarah Jessica Parker, lives? Does she store her Manolo Blahniks in an apartment-size walk-in closet? Does she put her sweaters in the stove? Well, turns out she does neither of those things, because SJP's real New York City pad is much more spacious than Carrie's. The Sex and the City star, who is usually very private about sharing her personal life on social media, gave fans a rare sneak peek into the ground floor of her stunning home, which she shares with her husband, Matthew Broderick, and their three children, James, Tabitha, and Marion.

SJP is known for her impeccable fashion sense, so it should come as no surprise that her house is no different. Illuminated with bold color, character, and modern design, it's basically a New York City landmark in our eyes (even if it doesn't have that famous stoop). Keep reading to step inside her home, and get "carried" away!

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And Now Let's Start the Tour!

And Now Let's Start the Tour!

Behind the oversize front doors, you're welcomed into an entryway that has old-world charm with dark wood trim and modern elements such as the mosaic stair runner on the staircase.

We can tell this is the work of SJP, as we know she is all about a good book. With that collection, we highly doubt she needs to take a trip to the library anytime soon.

The home has so much character, such as the curved archways and layered crown molding, which give the space a regal and Victorian look.

Topping a shelf in the study are some of her favorite pieces in the home, like these golden globes. Even though she's a Manhattan girl at heart, she loves to see and travel the world. This also gives you a better glance at the intimate details of the home including the tray ceilings.

Throughout the house, the actress uses vibrant colors as seen in the green walls and couch, with a pop of contrasting color, such as the pink throw on the back of the sofa. The room features reading lights and a minibar and even has pocket doors to the adjoining room, perfect for blocking out noise.

Matthew Broderick is a known baseball fan, and it appears that he's a collector of baseballs, too. If you look just beyond them, we even get a sneak peek at what appear to be family photos tucked away on the bookshelves.

Leading you into the living room from the study is a collection of wall art. A combination of pop art pieces and personal photos gives this room a modern yet cozy vibe.

After finishing up in the study, what about a game of ping-pong? Yes, that is a ping-pong table next to (we're sure) expensive artwork. Good thing for those pocket doors.

This is not your traditional game room! Aside from the eclectic artwork and vintage ping-pong table, this room gives way to a sitting area that's light and bright thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows.

Based on the view, it looks like SJP lives on a street full of brownstones and nice neighbors.

If you need a place to sit back and relax or cheer on your ping-pong partner, you can take a seat next to the piano in the room right off of the entryway.

The mom of three probably hears a tune or two from her kids, as they all play the piano.

Completing the tour, we get a close-up look at the rich, wood doors, accessorized with sleek, gold hardware. If you need any new girlfriends, we'll be waiting, Sarah. We're only a cosmo away.