These Schitt's Creek Candles Seem All Too Appropriate Since 2020 Was a "Schitt Show"

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Oh my god, David! There are new Schitt's Creek candles to add to our collection. The minds at My Weekend Is Booked brainstormed scents inspired by the hit PopTV show, and they feel pretty spot on. Can I interest you in a Herb Ertlinger Fruit Wine smelling candle? How about a Rosebud Motel Coffee scent?

Not only are the candles cleverly scented (and named!), they're also eco-friendly — made using essential oils, 100 percent natural plant-derived fragrance oils, natural soy wax, and cotton wicks. If you're looking for something holiday-themed, you can find the festivities in an "Oh Schitt! It's Christmas" candle, or bid the year goodbye with a timely "2020 Was a Schitt Show" candle. So strike a match, and celebrate the season like the Roses.