This Jack Skellington Pineapple Planter Is Anything but a Nightmare (Before Christmas)

If Halloween is in your bones and you're a huge The Nightmare Before Christmas fan — we have good news for you. You can now add a summer-appropriate hint of Jack Skellington into your home without any grief from your friends, and it comes in the form of a pineapple planter! That's right, a Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Pineapple Faux Succulent Planter ($14, originally $20) exists, and it's made for the truest Jack Skellington fans. The bright yellow planter comes with an extremely real-looking (but fake) succulent plant inside and an adorable Jack Skellington design on the outside. The pot's ideal five-and-a-half-inch size is great for offices, side tables, or any surface that needs a little haunt in your home. Pick one up for a friend or yourself ahead of the season's change and enjoy Jack Skellington's presence all summer long!