Target Australia Has Adorable Santa Succulents, So Let's Ho-Ho-Hope They Come Here Soon

As if traveling to Australia in the Winter didn't already sound ideal, Santa's little helpers from the Land Down Under just gave us another reason to book flights: Christmas succulents. Target Australia has been rolling out its fabulous holiday decor over the past few weeks, and while doing our own deep dive on very necessary tchotchkes, we stumbled upon these adorable holiday succulents on Instagram. The planters come in both a Santa Claus and a reindeer design, and while they're currently only available in Australia, we're keeping our fingers crossed that they make it over here ASAP.

On this side of the globe, Target has us getting ready for the holidays with a light-up Christmas cactus, miniature pink trees, and so much more festive decor. Check out photos of people loving their Christmas succulents ahead, and while we wait for them to come to the US, we'll be enjoying the new home holiday collection here.