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Target's Singing Halloween Succellents Are Selling Out Fast

Target Is Selling a Dancing Venus Flytrap For Halloween, and It Has Captured My Attention

Target has really outdone itself with the Halloween decor this year. There are haunted houses for cats and on-theme pajamas, and to top it all off, singing succulents. That's right, the superstore stocked up on animatronic plants this year, and they're scary cute.

The Hyde & Eek Boutique Animated Pumpkin With Dancing Vines ($35) are motion-activated and will belt out a tune with the swipe of a hand. If you've got a Little Shop of Horrors room going on, may we suggest this addition? But beware โ€” these plants are so popular, they're already out of stock online. Luckily, certain shoppers are still finding them in storefronts, so get yourself to Target ASAP.

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