Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Losing Their Halloween-Loving Minds Over These Light-Up Trees

We've seen the yoga skeleton air plants, we've stocked up on the colorful skull-shaped succulent planters, and now, Trader Joe's is blessing us with yet another seasonal decor item that's speaking to our cold, dark souls: spooky Halloween trees! The mini shrub-like plants come in a decorative black-and-white planter and have a string of purple LED lights you can wrap around the branches for an added haunted touch. Imagine cozying up to watch Hocus Pocus with a few of these illuminated nearby . . . Winifred Sanderson would definitely approve!

If keeping plants alive isn't your forte, this tree is luckily pretty easy to care for. Just make sure the soil is always moist, position it in bright, indirect sunlight indoors, feed it liquid fertilizer monthly, and replant it in a larger pot once it outgrows the original planter. Scoop up the festive foliage at your local Trader Joe's for $8 each this month.