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Why to Use HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Everlast Paint

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Source: Lowe's

We've partnered with Lowe's to help you upgrade your home with the top-notch products on Lowe's List for Innovation.

Contemporary Grey or Glacial Stream? You could — and probably will — spend hours debating which shade to paint your home's exterior.

A question that often doesn't get as much attention is which paint to use. Though it's often overlooked as a simple backdrop, choosing a paint that will protect your home's exterior is the key to keeping your curb appeal strong.

Not all paints are created equal: for a long-lasting finish, you need an exterior paint with all-weather protection, like HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams Everlast™ Paint and Primer. This innovative, one-step paint and primer uses water beading technology to provide extreme protection after just one coat. In fact, this paint is so game-changing that it landed a spot on Lowe's List for Innovation, a curated list of the most impressive products Lowe's has to offer. When you see the Lowe's List for Innovation badge, you're seeing an item that not only goes beyond expectations, but is one of the best in its category.