You Already Own the 1 Household Item People Are Turning Into Trendy Terrariums

Wine glasses may or may not be my guilty pleasure. Not only are they the vessel for my favorite beverage, but they also have a way of making me feel so darn classy with every sip — so classy, in fact, that I usually end up "accidentally" buying a set of four every time there's a sale at HomeGoods, which means my cupboard is jam-packed with enough wine glasses to accommodate the Cabernet cravings of an entire small town.

Thanks to the endless decorating ideas found on Pinterest, I now have the perfect way to repurpose those dusty glasses: by using them as terrarium planters! Wine glass planters, as you can probably imagine, are incredibly easy to DIY. Simply fill the bottom of a wine glass with a bit of sand or gravel followed by potting soil. Then plant the greenery of your choice (succulents are my personal favorite!), and add a handful of pebbles, moss, or even crystals for some extra pizzazz. Might I suggest throwing a few gothic black succulents in there for a slightly vampy touch?

If you're ready to fill every windowsill and countertop with a wine glass terrarium, read on for some inspiration to see how people all over Pinterest and Instagram are crafting their picture-worthy creations.