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The Best Telenovela Wedding Scenes

These Are the Most Dramatic and Memorable Telenovela Wedding Scenes

The Best Telenovela Wedding Scenes

You might have to wait months and months before the main love interests in a novela finally get together and decide to tie the knot, but your patience is always well rewarded with a stunning, impressive, huge wedding with its share of drama and tears.

The scenes end up being the perfect mix of puffy dresses and intense makeup, villains plotting revenge, heroines feeling redeemed, and solemn looks from everyone in attendance. We dare to say telenovela weddings are usually the most emotional peak of the story, eliciting either shock, happiness, or laughter from the viewer — seriously, some are just plain ridiculous. Keep scrolling to see just a few examples of the craziness that ensues once a wedding is planned in a novela, then check out the most memorable theme songs.

Additional reporting by Celia Fernandez

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