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Chapulin Colorado Fighting Donald Trump Illustration

This Illustration of El Chapulín Colorado Against Trump Might Be the Best Thing Ever

A post shared by Carina Guevara (@cari_guev) on

If Latinxs had to turn to a superhero to save the day, they would turn to the one and only Chapulín Colorado. Even if in the process of fighting evil he messed up the situation a little more, at the end, the character (played by Roberto Gómez Bolaños in the 1970s) in red tights with a gold heart on his chest would come through with a solution — thanks to his antenitas de vinil, chipote chillón, chicharra paralizadora, and pastillas de chiquitolina!

Carina Guevara — a Latina from Austin, TX, who teaches 2D art and photography to kids while moonlighting as an illustrator — felt the same way about Chapulín Colorado after Donald Trump was elected president, creating a picture-perfect illustration of El Chapulín defending Latinos against Trump.

"This illustration was inspired by my anger and frustration over the current political climate," she told POPSUGAR over email. "I wanted it to be funny and bring comfort. When I see El Chapulín Colorado, I immediately feel nostalgia, so to see that character and hero fighting for us is powerful."


Guevara hopes this and the other badass illustrations she features on her Instagram, including some of Selena Quintanilla, ollas de barro, and pan dulce, inspire other Latinxs to represent their culture via art. "As a young girl, I felt the lack of Latinx representation in books and art. I wanted to change that so got I got degree in fine arts, but I wanted my ideas to resonate with my community, not just be in a gallery for the privileged," Guevara said. "So, I make illustrations with hopes that one day my little cousins might pick up my work at the store and see themselves and their experiences in them."

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