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Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas's Cutest Pictures

9 Years of Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas's Unbreakable Friendship in Pictures

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas's Cutest Pictures

It's been more than a decade since Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas bonded on the set of Camp Rock, their big break as Disney Channel stars, when they were both just 16 years old. Since then, the singers have gone through a roller coaster (rehab and a breakup with Nick's brother for Demi, and a split from his brothers for Nick), but through it all, the pair have only become closer, growing together both musically and personally, calling each other best friends, becoming business partners for a record label, and going on tour together.

To celebrate Demi and Nick's stronger-than-ever friendship, we're looking back at their cutest pictures together. Keep scrolling to see them grow up in front of your eyes.

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