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Enchilada Casseroles Recipes

18 Enchilada Casseroles That'll Leave You Satisfied and With No Dirty Dishes to Clean

Enchilada Casseroles Recipes
Image Source: 40 Aprons

Next time you're on a crunch for time and desperate to get dinner done ASAP with minimal clean up, reach for these 18 easy enchilada recipes. They'll not only satisfy your hunger (and leave plenty of leftovers for the next day's lunch) but require just a few ingredients, dishes, and pots.

Indulge in a roasted tomatillo chicken recipe or dig your fork into a salsa verde version. Better yet, devour a Fall-ready pumpkin casserole or, no, go for a nontraditional ham and cheese Brazilian version. We can't make up our mind, so just check them all out ahead.

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