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Eva Longoria Wears Sexy Swimsuit While Directing Actors

You Won't Believe What Eva Longoria Wore to Direct an Episode of Hot & Bothered

Eva Longoria just gave a whole new meaning to the term sexy boss. The Hot & Bothered director (who also stars as Ana Sofia Calderon on the highly anticipated NBC show) posted a behind-the-scenes photo on Instagram in which she wears a purple belted one-piece swimsuit with matching accessories and nothing else as she directs an episode of the series. Eva is having a blast filming the show, and she captioned the photo: "Yep...this is me....directing! #DoesntEveryOneWearThis." We're going to go with no, but Eva's obviously multitasking in her character's wardrobe. She even has her headphones delicately draped over her voluminous blowout!

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