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The Mamá Squad Gets Real on Finding Time to Relax

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A universal truth of motherhood is that you almost always need a nap — not to mention a vacation. We caught up with three busy mamás and caregivers — Claudia, Evesther, and Karely — to find out how they make time to recharge, even when their days get hectic. Whether it's treating yourself to a pedicure, fitting in a quick workout, or just taking an extralong shower, all three women agree that making time for yourself is crucial to being the best trusted caregiver you can be. And it's not just important for your mental health — it's also an ideal opportunity to teach your kids about self-care. Press play to hear how each mamá makes time for herself — you just might end up with a few tips you can try at home.

We've partnered with Clorox to highlight the real-life strategies that hard-working moms use to make their daily lives just a little bit easier.

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