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Poem on Being Bilingual

A Young Poet Powerfully Shuts Down Criticism of Spanish-Speaking Latinxs

You better listen up, because this bilingual Latina poet isn't playing any games. Forget about the song of the moment; Anacristina Chapas's thought-provoking spoken poem "On Being Bilingual," posted to Write About Now Poetry's YouTube channel, is what we have on repeat right now.

"For the sensitive ears that can't stomach the spicy sounds of the Spanish language or for the sour mouths that spit stupidity into existence by saying things like, 'This is America, we speak American in America,'" Chapas kicks off the badass poem. From there, she shuts down anyone who criticizes Spanish speakers, sassily explains the benefits of being bilingual, and pushes back against those who try to oppress the language, including Donald Trump. Watch the video above to be reminded why using your voice is so important right now.

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