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Sebastian Yatra, Tini Kiss at Premios Juventud Performance

Sebastian Yatra and Tini Kissed During Their Premios Juventud Performance, and My Heart Exploded Into 1,000 Pieces

Sebastian Yatra and Tini shared a kiss during their Premios Juventud performance of "Cristina," and now I believe in love again. The couple, who went public with their relationship at the beginning of June after months of speculation, performed the song that made it all happen. While both Sebastian and Tini had known each other for a few years, it wasn't until he invited her to be the star of his music video for the song "Cristina" earlier this year when sparks started flying. Originally, Tini was not supposed to sing in the song but given its success and the relationship that evolved because of it, they made a duet version that they perform together live.

Their chemistry is undeniable, and every time I see them together, I can't help but root for their love and hope one day, I can enjoy a love as sweet as theirs. The way they look at each other, the way the vibe changes when they come together in any space, how everything seems so effortless between them — that's the stuff love stories are made of.

And the fact that they're both in the public light and are trying to keep us fans satisfied with enough PDA — but not too much so that they can actually have some privacy — proves that despite their young age, they're very mature and are really trying to balance it all.

Nevertheless, I am extremely thankful that they're both so comfortable expressing their affection on stage, because I am living for this to the point where I squealed when I saw these two lovebirds sharing a romantic kiss on stage at Premios Juventud in the middle of their performance. And to make me melt even more — which I didn't think was possible given the current excruciating heat wave — he muttered "Te amo" after they kissed.

Um, where can I find an age-appropriate Sebastian Yatra for myself? As soon as you know, sign me up!

Image Source: Getty / Jason Koerner
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