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Shakira Posts Video of Son Naming South American Countries

Watch Shakira's Oldest Son Adorably School Everyone on South American Geography

Shakira's oldest son, Milan, knows South America better than most 2-year-olds. His superstar mommy, who is an early childhood education advocate, posted an adorable video of him reading off South American countries like a total pro — in case that didn't sink in, he's 2 and reading! Milan looks like a Gerard Piqué mini me in an oversize soccer jersey as he moves his finger over each letter in an attempt to perfectly sound out the countries — Bolivia and Colombia kind of become "Boliva" and "Coloma," but he totally nails the pronunciation of Venezuela. Shakira cheers him on at the end, but he's not done yet: "One for dad!" he says as he heads back to his easel. Watch the video below, and then check out all the ways you can be Shakira for Halloween.

Studying South America with Mama, going for Chile and the Guianas next... / Estudiando Sur América con Mama. Ahora vamos por Chile y las Guayanas... Shak

Posted by Shakira on Monday, October 19, 2015
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