Carla Morrison's New Anthem Is a Love Letter to Her Body

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After a soul-searching break, Carla Morrison, the Mexican Queen of Heartbreak, returns with her new song "Obra de Arte" ("Work of Art"), a powerful anthem celebrating uniqueness. "Our bodies are full of imperfections, and that's what makes us beautiful and perfect. They are a great machine that can heal itself and let you know when it needs something," she told POPSUGAR. The inspiration for this song struck when she saw Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" while she was on a self-love and self-acceptance journey. "I saw myself in this woman because my husband told me, 'Oh, look, babe! That looks just like you. You are so beautiful like that woman, you look like a painting,'" Carla said. At that moment, she had an epiphany and decided to start loving her body and feel more secure in her own skin.

This revelation changed the way she perceived and treated her body, but also transformed her music. "It was also a way to become more secure of myself and what I have to offer, what I'm special for," she explained. "I feel more confident; I feel more beautiful; I feel more special; I feel unique; I feel calm and tranquil with the person I've become and have always been."

"It was so new to me to sing about something as powerful as accepting and celebrating myself that I was so ready to go say it out loud."

When it comes to musical inspiration and references, the Tecate native prides herself on not following musical trends and always staying true to however she is feeling in the moment. And during the process of creating this song and music video she was feeling excited. "It was so new to me to sing about something as powerful as accepting and celebrating myself that I was so ready to go say it out loud," she said. "I was determined to make it feel like an anthem." And she did. The result is a sexy and catchy tune that makes you want to gather all your friends and dance.

"Obra de Arte" is a far cry from her breakup and goodbye ballads that put her on the map and gave her two Latin Grammys. She seems to have a gift for capturing the essence and despair of heartbreak in her vocal cords and melodies. As The New Yorker put it, "There's humility to her heartbreak — a lightness to her sadness that makes it magnetic." Carla recognizes this quality in her music and embraces it. "My singing voice is always very sad and kind of breaking and my lyrics are so intense, but it's fine," she told POPSUGAR. "I'm intense like that and I love it. It's part of me, it's who I am." She attributes this to being a romantic at heart with a passion for poetry. "I love devotion and love, so it's fine for me. I like that I come to mind whenever a heartbreak or a love song or a wedding song comes on. I think that's a beautiful reference. It's all just my vibes." If you've never heard her gut-wrecking breakup hymns "Te Regalo" or "Dejenme Llorar," go get your headphones and prepare to be touched by her beautiful voice full of sorrow in every note.

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We couldn't let her go without asking her what makes a perfect breakup song, and she knows the recipe. In short, it boils down to honesty and vulnerability. Carla pointed to Adele as an artist who has mastered this. "'Someone Like You' by Adele is such a beautiful and perfect song because what she's singing is so real, it's a real life experience. 'I heard that you're settled down . . . I hate to turn up out of the blue, uninvited, but I couldn't stay away, I couldn't [fight] it.' That really happens, that's real," she said. "I do feel like a perfect breakup song is when you as a writer come clean and say everything exactly how you feel, how personal the song is. It should come from a super-honest place that resonates with everyone. Shout-out to Adele. I love her!"