Karol G and Anuel AA Broke Up and We Can't Stop Re-Watching Their Cutest Music Videos

"If just accepting it is hard enough, imagine having to do it in front of millions of people," Karol G confirmed her breakup with Anuel AA in a statement she posted on her Instagram stories. "We were two people with public lives that wanted to have a normal relationship just like anyone else, and that's the reason why we never hid our feelings and went public with our relationship," she wrote in Spanish.

The Colombian singer, who has just released her debut album KG0516, ended the statement thanking everyone for following them on their journey, and supporting their love. "I love you Emmanuel, my gratitude to you, your family and everything we lived through, our growth and what we learned together," she said.

At least we'll always have their music! Since the news of the split broke, we've been watching their music videos on repeat, and judging by the comments on Youtube, we are not the only ones. If you feel like wallowing in their cutest moments together, keep scrolling to watch the five mega-hits the reggaeton power couple released during their two-year relationship.

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Karol G, Anuel AA - Culpables

The Colombian singer and Puerto Rican reggaetonero met in 2018, filming the music video for their first hit together, "Culpables," in which they played a couple who are having a secret affair, and it seems that's when he started referring to her as Bebesita.

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Anuel AA, Karol G - Secreto

This video was released in January 2019, when the pair was considered the Latin version of "Jay Z and Beyonce," as producer Ezekiel Rivera, who worked on this song with them, told Rolling Stone in an interview.

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Karol G, Anuel AA - Follow

If you were a fan of the couple, get a tissue because this video features the kind of memory mash-up that haunts you after a breakup. It was filmed at the beginning of the pandemic at her Miami home, where they were quarantined together.

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Karol G, Anuel AA - Dices Que Te Vas

"Dices Que Te Vas" was definitely their most romantic song. The reggaeton superstars tried a ballad that proved to be another hit despite being so different from their usual style. With over 175 million views, this one is still one of their most-watched clips on Youtube.

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KAROL G, Anuel AA, J. Balvin - Location

Amidst rumors of a breakup they released their last single, "Location", featuring J Balvin and, yes, Instagram's @dudewithsign. This was the last time they worked on a song and music video together, but, as they confirmed in their statements, it looks like they remain friends and hopefully we can expect more Real Hasta la Muerte hits from this duo.