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My Favorite Latinx Style Brands

When It Comes to Style, These Are the Latinx Brands I Can't Live Without

Image Source: Mexico en la Piel

Growing up, I didn't see any brands being represented by women who looked like me. Since I was in middle school, beauty and fashion have been my passion, so I've used and tried countless brands that I've loved but have never really felt connected to or devoted to any of them. But in 2019, things changed when I landed my first career job as a beauty and fashion junior writer at a major Latinx publication. There, I learned so much more about Latinx brands and founders that are making an impact in the industry, and it filled my heart with joy to know that people who looked like me were getting noticed.

These past few years covering and writing about what I love, and getting to know their products, has been nothing but a blessing. It makes me proud to see fierce Latinos y Latinas making their dreams possible through a wide range of makeup, hair, and fashion brands that are killing it.

From beautiful handbags made by artesanos with un pedacito de México to beauty products and fashion pieces, here are some of my top favorite Latinx brands you should know about. Their beautiful items will keep you inspired and reaching for your wallet.

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