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Watch Nathy Peluso's "Delito" Video

I Can't Get This Nathy Peluso Song Out of My Head, and I Blame Cardi B

I'm trapped in a "Delito"-watching spiral, and I know I'm not alone in this. The Argentinian singer Nathy Peluso's new song and fourth single off of her debut album, Calambre, is more addictive than caffeine. The ubercatchy and sexy chorus "en la disco quiero tu mordisco," her signature dance moves, and the handsome and mysterious-looking bad boy object of desire have kept me glued to the screen since I first heard the song on Cardi B's Instagram. Last week, the rapper did a sexy dance on a chair to "Delito" for her 81.6 million followers on Instagram, just like I do when no one's watching! Watch Nathy's "Delito" video and Cardi B's sultry dance.

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