Get Your Good Vibras on With This New Year Ritual by The Mexican Witch

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

We get it, everyone is ready for 2020 to end, but what about focusing on the positive? Endings always mean new beginnings too, and this one is a great opportunity to set new intentions for the decade that is about to begin. If you like potions, spells, and magia, and are looking for a ritual to start the new year with your good vibras level off the charts, take this one from Valeria Ruelas, aka The Mexican Witch and author of Cosmpolitan Love Potions, who shared with POPSUGAR her two easy mini ceremonies that anyone can do to have a more positive mindset and renewed energy. But before you start, what do you wish for this year?

"I use my intuition to see what I want to line up, and I think about what I want to ask for in the new year," she recommends to consider first. "It is also important to cleanse and protect the home before you start. Witches black salt is the most efficient at protection and if you can find it at your local witch store, buy it, but you can make some by adding activated charcoal or just use white table salt. Once you decide which salt to use, speak your intention into it 3 times out loud, and then sprinkle the in a line right on your doorstep."

Another easy one is the yellow candle ritual. For this one you just have to write your intention on a piece of paper, then place it under a yellow glass candle and let it burn!

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The Mexican Witch also recommends wearing silver jewelry and shoes to help draw in your wishes. "Expose the jewelry and shoes to moonlight when the clock hits 12 and your jewels will hold positive energy to rebirth and align yourself in 2021. Since most people in the world celebrate, the day is full of good energies to use and capitalize on. Good moods and good parties are great energy to use. It is also a reminder to live up to your goals!"