Lovescope: How Selena Quintanilla and Chris Perez's Zodiac Signs Made Them Destined as Soulmates

(Note: Birth times for both Quintanilla and Pérez have not yet officially been released. These charts were generated based on generic timing).

Selena Quintanilla and Chris Pérez were sort of like the Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt of Tejano music. They were iconic, Chicanx royalty, and the couple that everyone wanted to see win. Quintanilla was the pristine "good girl next door" who met her "bad boy" match. We all admired their love story vicariously, como si fuera brujería. It was safe to say we were under their love spell. JLo and Ben can have several seats next to Selena and Chris, whose love story is still seen as one of the greatest of all time.

The "Queen of Tejano music" was known for her Beyoncé-like work ethic (pre-Beyoncé and, dare we say, inspirational to Bey). Quintanilla crafted an immaculate reputation of pop icon perfectionism for future artists to match. When she decided to take a chance on Pérez, the complete opposite of her calculated pesona, her father quickly disapproved. Abraham Quintanilla was their first obstacle to face and wouldn't be their last challenge to confront as a couple. The astrology behind Selena and Chris is a fated story of unrequited love. Doomed or destined? Possibly both.

What Attracted Them to Each Other

You know what they say: "opposites attract." There's validity to the phrase especially in astrology. Every Zodiac sign has an opposite sister sign. An energy of duality that equally tests and amplifies the other. Selena and Chris might have looked to be opposites, but their differences are what made them fall for each other.

Their Aquarius placements. Both Selena and Chris have Aquarius placements in their charts. Aquarius is the innovator and rebel. Although Selena might have come off as the cookie-cutter "all American girl," she was a true rebel at heart. She was quirky and prided herself in her eccentricity. She was always challenging her father and wanted to showcase her true authentic self by wearing bustiers and singing Donna Summer songs to her Spanish speaking audience. Her father couldn't understand her need to be different, and why she would constantly contest Mexican Patriarchal traditionalism. Her Aquarius Rising and Aquarius North Node gave her the courage to be all of that — a true one-of-a-kind.

In the most obvious sense, rockero Pérez had a different musical taste from Selena y Los Dinos. However, he was a true musician, which garnered him the respect needed to gain permission into this closely knit family-led band to win Selena over. With her Aries Sun in the third house of communication, she wasn't in the industry just for the glitz and glamour: she strived to be a true artist as well. They shared that in common, taking their art seriously.

Pérez has an Aquarius 10th house in his chart that aspects Selena's Aquarius rising. The 10th house rules career and profession. In a synastry reading, this is foretelling that the two would meet through work commitments and develop a strong friendship courtesy of similar career interests. The 10th house also represents men and masculinity. Hinting that Selena could be fond of his masculine behaviors as they fall in alignment with her worldly view and perception of self provided by her Aquarius rising.

Her Aquarius North Node falling in his 10th house means he encouraged her to be a risk-taker and to seek out independence at all costs. They were two misfits in love thanks to their Aquarius connection.

What Made Selena and Chris Compatible

His moon sign is a big indicator of compatibility. Pérez has a Virgo moon that falls in her seventh house of marriage and partnerships. The moon is our emotional love language. Whenever someone's moon falls nicely in the seventh house of a partner that indicates a definite marriage — as was the case for them. His moon is within seven degrees of her vertex, which represents our fate in this lifetime. They were fated to meet, fall in love, and marry thanks to this activation falling in her seventh house of contracts and marriage.

According to Chris' chart, Selena is part of his fated pathway to fame. Her vertex in Virgo hits his moon in his 5th house of love, romance, and fame. She was his shooting star, fated to alter the course of his life forever.

Her Aries Sun falls under Pérez's 12th house of past-lives and karma. This is a position that makes two people instantly feel connected and magnetized by one another. They can't keep away no matter what because the 12th house wants them to fulfill their soul contract this lifetime. She feels safe around his passive and soft nature with this disposition. She knows how to cool him down. Here, she brings the fire and the roles reverse for this impulsive bad boy. She is the woman who tames the beast and he allows her by softening his heart with this astrological connection.

Were They Soulmates?

Yes, without a doubt. Past-life soulmates, actually. They've had many previous lives together according to their charts. Quintanilla's Venus is exalted in Pisces (performing at its highest degree and highly favorable), making for her love matters to be nurturing, sensitive, and creative thanks to Pisces. Venus in Pisces is one of the best placements to have for true love and an excellent career in the arts.

Pérez has his North Node (life purpose and current life karma to fulfill) at the exact same degree of her Venus in Pisces at 21 degrees. Another indication they were fated and destined to marry and past-life soulmates here to try it again in this lifetime.

Unfortunately, her Venus is in opposition of her Pluto (planet of literal and symbolic death) in her seventh house of marriage and partnerships. This can allude to either her or a partner of hers passing away during a marriage. Pluto as a planet dominates passive Venus. Pluto brings detriment and bad luck wherever it is found in a chart. Doomed in love due to this position.

Where They Struggled

They would have struggled with finances. The eighth house rules debt, taxes and secrets. Selena has her Uranus in this house, which tells us these areas of life were and could have continued to have been unpredictable for her. It's not surprising to reflect back and take into account that her own Fan Club President, Yolanda Saldívar, embezzled money. That's a matter of the eighth house ruling taboo topics. Point is, Selena was very trusting of people. She saw the good in them because of her Libra eighth house.

She loved people and partnerships and strived to bring equality and fairness in business matters and in her connections because of this placement. That would have been an issue for the couple. Betrayal in business is obvious in her chart. Creating tension in marriage, she would continuously learn the hard way by people taking advantage of her financially due to this position.

On the contrary, Pérez has a Virgo Moon and Virgo Mercury that makes him overly critical and cynical. These two planets in Virgo certainly make him logical and able to discern deceit easily. Also, a bit hard on his romantic partners since this falls in his fifth house of love. Makes sense his second marriage ended in divorce likely due to this energy. Quintanilla and Pérez likely battled matters of the heart from opposing points of view. Pérez choosing mind over heart and Quintanilla wearing her heart on her sleeve. This is where Pérez can become the literal "bad guy" in their marriage.

It is highly unlikely Selena would've been here today due to a significant position in her chart. Her Saturn in Taurus is conjunct the malefic star of Medusa, Algol. This star brings demise, death, decapitation, and trauma to the head.

They were meant to meet this lifetime and love deeply. This placement of Saturn in Taurus is why Pérez might feel shortchanged in this life. It helps to explain why he can't seem to move on from Selena. His Neptune in Scorpio found orbiting his seventh house of marriage also gives us insight into why he can't seem to let go of Selena. Neptune rules illusions and Scorpio is death. Together it can create an everlasting trauma bond to the death of a romantic partner. Forever romanticizing a partner he viewed as perfect, and no one else could ever compare to that deceased partner. They didn't have enough time together, but it was destined to be this way.

--Originally Published November 2, 2021