This Full Moon in Aries Spiritual Limpia Will Clear the Way For New Beginnings

It's time to rev up your engines, pump the gas, and get ready to push the pedal to the metal. The full moon in Aries will peak on Wednesday, Oct. 20, at 10:57 a.m. ET. This moon, which aligns with the first sign in the zodiac, brings fiery energy good for starting new things and ending things that no longer serve you, so it clears the way for new beginnings to take place. Have you been sitting on a fabulous idea that's gone cold? The full moon in Aries just may be the right amount of fire and heat you need to cook up some magick!

Native Americans called this moon the hunter's moon because it's a good time of year for hunting before the winter months. It's also the moon that follows the harvest moon, and like it, this full moon will rise around the same time for several nights in a row.

Although many of us won't be able to see it at its peak since it will be under the horizon, it will surely be a full moon to watch for at sunset. Early seekers may even get a peek the night before. This magical moon could appear to be larger than most and even tinted orange, hence its other known name, the blood moon. But this is merely an illusion, because when the moon is closer to the horizon as opposed to high above us, we perceive it to be bigger by comparison to the other things in our line of sight, like buildings and bridges. Although it appears to be closer to us, it's farther away, and by the time the light particles reach our eyes, it may produce an orange or red hue.

But there's no illusion about the powerful energy the full moon in Aries brings. It's the starting line of the zodiacs, and this fire sign lives up to its element. This moon is ambitious and eager and brings a go-getter and leadership energy to us all. Be careful that you don't go off balance with these traits, because there's a thin line between being confident and assertive and being arrogant and hotheaded. Basically, don't put your hand in the fire of this sign ruled by the planet Mars or you might get burned. To ensure your greatness shines through, utilize the energy of this full moon in Aries by doing a ritual that will create the optimal vibe for getting your creation on and believing in yourself enough to see it through to completion. The full moon in Aries is asking you, "What are you waiting for?"

A full-moon spiritual limpia is a great place to start, because it can help remove any energy around or within you that is stagnant and negative. In astrology, Aries rules the first house, the house of self. So, take a deep dive into you and find the things that need to be removed for you to not only see the finish line to your dreams but cross it.

Full Moon in Aries Spiritual Limpia

On the full moon in Aries, or within 72 hours after, dip into a luxurious bath intentionally created for spiritual cleansing. As you prepare your bath, speak into it all that you are asking for, and show gratitude to every ingredient that combines to create this magical elixir for your spirit.

While spiritual limpias and what you use in them can be produced intuitively, here are some suggestions for essential oils, herbs, flowers, and stones to use, which align nicely with the energy and characteristics of this moon.

Start by filling your tub or foot soak with warm water. If you don't have either, you could prepare this limpia in a big bowl of warm water and pour it over your body in the shower. Add herbs like peppermint, which is good for awakening the spirit and giving you a boost of energy and focus, or cilantro, which cleanses and protects the aura as well as encourages self-expression and creativity. Since Aries is associated with the solar plexus chakra, where our sense of self-worth and confidence resides, using an herb like cilantro could help with balancing that energy center.

If you prefer the herbal benefits without the leafy mess, you may want to consider adding several drops of essential oil to your bath. Both cilantro and peppermint are available in oil form. A personal favorite for this full moon is patchouli, which increases cognition and clears negative feelings while helping to keep us grounded. When was the last time you told that voice of self-doubt to pipe down?

For a colorful limpia, you can add fresh or dried flowers. Aries brings vivid colors like reds and oranges, so choose a flower that speaks loudly, like tulips. If you want to really get deep, tap into your water goddess within by placing an aquamarine gemstone into your spiritual limpia. This beautiful stone is known to purify water, heal the sick, and release. Let's just call this the let-it-all-go stone. Add a couple of drops of agua de ruda to remove negativity and evil eye, and/or give a few good splashes of agua florida for cleansing and purifying your mind, body, and spirit.

May all your creativity and ambition come to life under the light of the full moon in Aries. This spiritual limpia is an offering to help clear your path to greatness.