7 Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorials For Día de los Muertos, Straight From Mexican Beauty Bloggers

When you think of Día de los Muertos, chances are you think of one major symbol: the sugar skull.

It's a vibrant piece of Mexican culture representative of the traditional holiday, and as you start to plan all the ways you'll honor your roots during this year's celebration, why not incorporate a Catrina-inspired skeletal makeup?

If you're unsure where to start or how to create the perfect look, keep reading to watch some of the most popular Mexican beauty bloggers walk you through their best sugar skull tutorials. Once you've reached pro status, get inspired by ways you can add a little Day of the Dead flair to your manicure.

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Basic Skull

Master the basics with Priscila from heyitspriscila's easy-to-follow video that uses only a few products, including — of course! — black eyeliner.

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Quick and Easy

Looking for a fast option? Let popular beauty vlogger Yuya walk you through a simple full-face makeup routine plus a couple DIY accessories that will perfectly complement the final look.

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Golden and Gemstone-Encrusted

If you've seen (and loved) her La Llorona tutorial, prepare to obsess over Dulce Candy's Día de los Muertos tribute, featuring a skeletal yet gorgeous take on La Catrina.

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Purple Gradient

If it's an artistic approach you're after, look no further than Ana Vbon's (aka Coolbrush) colorful Catrina tutorial featuring a gradient effect throughout and a Frida Kahlo-inspired crown.

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From a flower crown to floral designs, Paula from Pautips's tutorial will leave you looking and feeling extra girlie on Día de los Muertos.

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Totally Spooky

Press play above to scare everyone and re-create Desi Perkins's realistic sugar skull look. Bonus: it's bedazzled!

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For Kids

Master the art and design the cutest skull on your child with Denise from Pearmama.com's step-by-step guidance.