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What are Angel Cards?

A Bruja's Guide to Angel Oracle Cards

Photography / Esoteric Esa

Wondering which oracle card deck to take to the next family carne asada that won't have your Catholic tía clutching her rosary? This is where angel oracle cards come in! If you're on Instagram or TikTok, chances are you've come across spiritual or witchy content that features angel oracle cards. Wondering what exactly these angel oracle cards are and how they are used? It might seem confusing to understand the difference between angel oracles and oracle cards in general. There is a wide variety of oracle cards available to consumers now that reclaiming spirituality has become mainstream. There are oracle cards themed from goddesses to angels, but don't feel overwhelmed — we're here to break down the differences for you.

If you're new to esotericism and curious about exploring oracle cards coming from a religious upbringing, you might find angel cards more appealing and nurturing, as you dip your toes into this space. Angel cards are straightforward and meant to connect you with the angelic realm. Therefore, their energy is lighter and more welcoming for those new to decolonizing their spirituality. You don't have to be a biblical expert to express interest in angel oracles. However, you might want to get familiar with biblically correct angels so you can understand how they might appear to you energetically during readings.

Whether you're researching to buy your first oracle deck or well into your journey of divination, read on for a decolonial perspective on angel oracle cards.

Photography / Esoteric Esa

What are Angel Cards?

These oracle cards center on Abrahamic religious beliefs. They feature angels you learn about in religions such as Christianity, Catholicism, and Judaism. A deck of cards can range from 22 cards upwards to 44 cards that make up an entire deck. Unlike tarot, angel cards don't have to follow the standard guidelines that make traditional tarot.

Angel cards are usually intended to help you connect with angelic beings as spiritual guides or to obtain higher guidance. Decks will differ in illustrations, however, they all share a core intention of highlighting angels or archangels. For historical reference, angels are entities, otherwise known as supernatural beings created by God (according to religion) that exist to create good in this dimension. There are also fallen angels that are darker entities, but those aren't usually found in angelic oracles.

You can use angel oracle cards to receive clarity, raise your vibration, and further create a connection between yourself and your spiritual beliefs. Angel cards will definitely help you develop a relationship with the true essence of angels.

What do Angel Cards Mean?

The definition of angel cards will vary depending on the author and illustrator. Some angel cards focus on the nine types of angels, while others focus on the seven archangels. There are also themed angel oracles that focus on love, crystals, prosperity, and even anime. There are angel cards for nearly every ideation that exists.

The meaning behind angel cards is to assist with spiritual evolution and further activate knowledge of self. Angel oracles will help you understand which angel or angels are with you and why. Are they around to support you with a specific obstacle in life? Are they assisting you with activating a certain gift? Are they making their presence known so you can rely on them for spiritual support? These are the types of meanings and clarity angel cards can share with you.

What is the Difference Between Angel and Goddess Oracle Cards?

Goddess oracles differ from angel oracles because Goddess oracles won't usually show any influence of religion. There are Pagan Goddess oracles and Aztec Goddess oracles. They won't usually blend and cross over because they stick to a themed structure. However, there are angel tarot decks and goddess tarot decks. Those won't provide you with archetype energies like an oracle deck would.

Photography / Esoteric Esa

What Is an Angel Card Reading Like?

An angel oracle card reading can be as simple as pulling one card or as intricate as using as many cards as you feel compelled to pull. An angel card reading will literally feel highly vibrational in terms of energy and from an environmental perspective. Angels have very high frequencies. When angels enter a room, they tend to create an energy of peace, love, and euphoria. Sometimes you'll feel you need to focus on your breath because their energy is so intense, in an uplifting way. Angel cards will absolutely help you call in angels into your space. To perform an angel card reading you'll want to make sure you're in a place you feel comfortable in — with no distractions. You'll also want to set the energy and intention before you pull cards. Connecting with your guides for protection and support before beginning a reading is always recommended. From there, sit with what you need guidance on. Why do you seek guidance on this topic? Ask the angels to share with you insight on where you might need to revisit any limiting beliefs on such a topic. Then shuffle and pull.Photography / Esoteric Esa

How Do You Use Angel Cards?

You can use angel cards daily or infrequently. Use them when you feel inspired. However, if you want to seriously develop a relationship with angel entities, you'll want to use your angel oracle as often as possible. They're best used when you're wanting to connect with your divine self, revisit inner beliefs, tap into your truth, or receive inspiration and transformation. Try to avoid using your angel cards when you're angry, emotionally unstable, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Try not to be so attached to an answer or outcome when working with your angel cards so you're not performing biased readings on yourself and blocking your connection from the angels. Photography / Esoteric Esa

How Can You Add Angel Cards to Your Tarot Practice?

Angels are spirit guides and are open to working with everyone and anyone who has good intentions. You can add them as often as you'd like to your tarot practice. Most readers like to pull oracle cards such as angel oracles to tarot readings. Try pulling one to three oracle cards to add to your tarot practice. The angel cards will help you perform accurate readings. They add additional context to your readings and you can use angel cards as clarifiers. Try pulling an angel card for every card in your tarot spread to clarify each tarot card to help you better understand the meaning behind the tarot card. You can either pull your angel cards before you pull tarot or vice versa. There's no strict rule on how to integrate oracle cards for tarot readings. Do what feels right to you.

Photography / Esoteric Esa

Where Can You Buy Angel Cards?

I'd recommend Angels and Ancestors Oracle by Kyle Gray ($15, originally $22), Angels Answers Oracle by Radleigh Valentine ($14, originally $20), and Chibi Anime Angel Cards by Dawn Brown ($18). Ultimately, choose a deck that grabs your attention. Don't overthink the process or doubt your intuitive process. You'll gravitate to the right deck no matter what. Most importantly, have fun!

Photography / Esoteric Esa

Image Source: Esoteric Esa (Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad)
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