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7-Day Intimacy Challenge

Get Closer to Your SO With Our 7-Day Intimacy Challenge!

Look, I get it — relationships get stale. You've been together for, like, 56 years, and it can feel as though you've both seen all there is to see. He's walked in on you peeing. You've witnessed him shaving his manhood. He's heard you singing Adele into your hairbrush. You found his secret stash of Playboy in the back of the closet. You get the picture.

The point is, it's really, really easy to lose intimacy if you've been dating for a long time. And it's nobody's fault; it's just a thing that happens when you become comfortable. The solution? Creative thinking. There are lots of out-of-the-box methods for recapturing the magic in your relationship! Start with the seven ideas below, and consider it a quest to regain the romance you once had. With open minds and hearts, anything's possible.

Sunday: Light candles and listen to your favorite love songs.

There's nothing like bonding over music in a partnership — it's what moves the soul! Light candles for a soft, ambient background effect. Take turns playing songs, and share how the lyrics make you feel.

Monday: Give each other a full-body massage.

Dim the lights, burn incense, and grab your best oil after a demanding Monday. With a sensual massage, you'll remember to appreciate and glorify your partner's body (and vice versa!).

Tuesday: Make chocolate fondue and watch a romantic movie.

Get your hands a little messy before a movie night with homemade fondue (you can make the trip to the grocery store a date in and of itself!). Creating a sweet treat together will give you a sense of pride in something shared and serves as a good reminder that trying new things can be fun!

Whether you watch Titanic or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, a romance flick will have the two of you crying, laughing, or both at the same time. Either way, you're connecting over something, and that's what matters.

Wednesday: Make out somewhere exciting.

The empty house down the street, the hill behind CVS, a restroom inside a bar, the lobby of your apartment complex, a corner of the town library. Pick a place to get your smooch on, because a little (cautious) spontaneity never hurt anyone. In fact, it'll make for one hell of a night!

Thursday: Read an erotic novel.

Put on your silkiest lingerie, climb under the covers, and read a dirty book in your softest, sexiest voice. True, it may feel silly, but if you power through the giggles, you'll probably find it to be quite enjoyable. Take turns reading aloud, and allow the words to move you . . . literally.

Friday: Build a fort and tell your deepest secrets.

When you were young, a bedroom fort was a safe place to go when you wanted privacy from the sometimes scary outside world. Plus, the construction process was always a blast! Pay homage to your childhood by building a brand-new one with the aid of your SO.

Once the sanctuary stands, grab a few pillows and flashlights and head inside. Have a heart-to-heart about anything and everything. Discuss hopes, fears, aspirations, secrets, and dreams. Getting to know one another on the most intimate emotional level is key for a successful romantic relationship.

Saturday: Have sex in a mind-blowing position.

And now for the grand finale. Try that one crazy position from the sex app on your phone that seems so intimidating, yet totally arousing. Why not?! If it doesn't go so well, you'll have a great laugh. Besides, you can always resort to your favorite go-to style — you know, the one where you both get your perfectly happy endings.

On Sunday, recap how the week went. What did you learn about each other? What was your favorite activity? Do you feel like the intimacy was restored? Odds are, the magic was there all along — it was just hiding in plain sight.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sisilia Piring
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