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Awkward Thanksgiving Moments For Singles

Thanksgiving's About to Get Awkward: Shut It Down

Source: ABC

As much as everyone loooves Thanksgiving, it can have its pitfalls. Namely, annoying family members who want to be all up in your business. Doesn't matter if you're single or taken — they will pry about everything from your weight to your professional life. Prepare yourself with the worst questions to expect and how to dish back some snappy responses.

Q: How is it that you're still single?

A: Well, I'm in love with Ryan Gosling, and he's currently taken, soooo . . .

Q: Have you gained weight?

A: I'm so glad you noticed! Excuse me while I grab my second slice of pie.

Q: What are you doing with your life?

A: Umm, it's called a quarter-life crisis.

Q: What happened to the guy you brought last Thanksgiving?

Source: NBC

A: Take a wild guess.

Q: When are you getting engaged?

Source: Fox

A: I keep wondering the same thing. JK. Who cares? Pass the stuffing.

Q: When are you going to start having kids? The clock's ticking, you know!

Source: Show Studio

A: I'm going to pretend you didn't just ask me that.

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Annie-Gabillet Annie-Gabillet 3 years
Pretty perfect.
Brian-Freedman Brian-Freedman 3 years
1) Q: How is it that you're still single? 
A: I'm happy just being me and don't feel a rush or a need to have someone else in my life right now or complete me. When it happens it happens. 2) Q: Have you gained weight? 
A: No, I weigh the same as I did yesterday. (funny snarky)
A: Yes, but that's okay. I'm still just as worthy and beautiful as the last time you saw me. 3) Q: What are you doing with your life? A: Learning how to love myself and others, and discovering what the world buffet has to offer. 5) Q: When are you getting engaged? A: When I am ready and am with a man I truly love. Which, I am sorry to say, does not have a timeline. 6) Q: When are you going to start having kids? The clock's ticking, you know! A: I wouldn't want to rush to have kids because I know I wouldn't be able to be a loving, responsible and attentive parent if I did not have my life in order first. I do appreciate your concern though. 
 Lisette, I highly respect you and understand where you are coming from and the purpose of this post (truthful/practical/comedic purposes), but you don't have to respond negatively or snarky to any of these questions in reality. A person can if they want to, and that would be fun, but it's not necessary. Just simply, calmly and respectfully answer as much or as little of each question as you feel comfortable. Just because someone asks a question, doesn't mean you have to answer. Hell, it's even in the Constitution, ha ha (I plead the 5th). And if you are getting uncomfortable, angry or upset by someone asking a question, it's because you feel you giving an authentic answer wouldn't be good enough for them, which is why you would feel justified in resorting to comebacks. 

A person can retort back to questions family members ask and that's fine, my only intention is to encourage people to stand in their truth and let that be enough, without the need of being angry and not accepting people and family for who they are because they are not accepting you for who you are. It can be a double standard of lack of acceptance and seemingly justifiable anger (I can do it because/but they shouldn't) and you will get dragged down into unnecessary anger and bitterness towards them. They are who they are, just as you are who you are. No one is better. No one is worse. It all starts with someone accepting another, and that someone can be you. Show them what a person looks like who stands confidently without the need to question another's self-worth.
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