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Best Advice for Wedding Planning

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Life's big transition times, like getting engaged, can be stressful. As part of our Book of Life series, we've partnered with Keurig® to ensure you slow down to savor these moments so they remain as fun and exciting as they should be.

You're engaged! Someone asked, the other person said "yes," and now there's a ring and hugging and lots of sharing of the good news! Everyone wants you to relax and enjoy this blissful time when you're in love and dreaming of a life together. It's all so peaceful. Ha! I'm kidding! All anyone really wants from you are answers to their questions: "When is the wedding?" "What kind of venue are you thinking about?" "Did you find your dress yet?" Getting engaged opens up a world of expectations from well-meaning family and friends. Before getting bogged down by the whirlwind of questions, read up on some advice about how to deal with some of the surprisingly stressful aspects of being a bride-to-be and how to make time to enjoy this moment.